Thursday, October 11, 2012

Hawkes welcomes Dr. Werner Linz!

The Friends of Hawkes Library invite you to meet author Dr. Werner A. Linz this coming Sunday!

From 2 to 4pm, we will host Dr. Linz as he shares his books, "Doggerel" and "Doggerel Two, Doggerel Too". Come meet the author while enjoying refreshments and the comfort of Hawkes library.

Here is a little more information about Dr. Linz and his intriguing life:

Dr. Werner Linz, retired physician, has devoted his caring nature to farm animals and pets at the historic old homeplaces where he now tends family lands and gardens. His lifelong love of music led to his involvement with the LaGrange Symphony Orchestra, since its inception, as an active board member and past president. He plays his own very European instrument, the concertina, often to an audience of pets and farm animals gathered ‘round the front porch. He has been an active participant at weekly Scottish Country Dance classes where he has served, at times, as leader and has devised several new dances.

He has edited his own as well as others manuscripts and is well known for his “way with words”. His keen sense of humor, coupled with human compassion and his dutiful nature, make for poetry at once lighthearted and thoughtful.
Dr. Linz loves tinkering with and driving his two antique cars, “Eberhard” a 1927 Model T and “Lida” a 1948 Chrysler Windsor, named for their previous owners. For several decades his membership in the Georgia-Alabama Antique Car Club has been a source of joy. In his “spare time” he is the home repairman, plumber, electrician, carpenter, and garbage man.

He and his wife, Catherine have hiked and bicycled, either on their own (with excellent detailed maps) or with international groups, in Ireland, England, Austria, Germany, Switzerland, the Czech Republic, and the eastern and western United States. Locally, they have led annual Spring Elderhostel bicycle tours at Callaway Gardens.

Farm animals and pets, friends and family, places, “every day happenings”, special occasions, bicycling and hiking, music and fun are the subject of most of his verse.